Unlocking full-spectrum investment intelligence

We are excited to announce that we have acquired portfolio tracking and tax platform Accointing.com. This is the next step in our mission to equip investors with the best tools, data, and unparalleled insights for navigating the industry, and making data-driven decisions in digital asset markets.

Unlocking full-spectrum investment intelligence

We are excited to announce that we have acquired portfolio tracking and tax platform Accointing.com

At Glassnode, our mission has always been to equip investors with the best tools, world-class data, and unparalleled insights to help them navigate the industry and make data-driven decisions in an overly emotional and irrational market.

From day one we’ve been striving to build the most comprehensive market intelligence suite for digital assets, encompassing cutting-edge metrics across blockchain and crypto-financial data, delivered through intelligible and actionable charts. Adopted by the entire industry, our research has set new standards for on-chain intelligence, and our insights are utilized by hundreds of thousands of investors daily to navigate the complexities of the digital assets space.

Why we acquired Accointing.com

While market intelligence remains a fundamental necessity in this nascent industry, we believe that the toolset required by digital asset investors goes beyond that – our vision extends to equipping users with the full range of means necessary to confidently position themselves in the crypto industry. We aim to provide a holistic and streamlined experience, specifically tailored to the individual needs of each stakeholder.

Our mission is to build crypto’s leading market and portfolio intelligence platform that empowers investors to compound and protect their digital assets. The acquisition of Accointing.com represents a significant milestone towards this goal.

Accointing.com is one of the industry’s leading tax and portfolio tracking platforms with hundreds of thousands of users on web and mobile. Its precise tracking and tax reporting capabilities across decentralized and centralized services has made it a perfect companion for our path forward.

With Accointing.com, users will now have the ability to track their portfolio in a single holistic view. This will empower investors to understand tradeoffs between new profitable opportunities, existing portfolio positions, and tax-optimized trades.

Integrating Accointing.com’s product lines with Glassnode will ultimately unlock the true value of market intelligence by contextualizing insights to users’ portfolios. Together, all features on our platform have one goal in mind: to maximize investment returns for our users.

What you can expect

For one, we will further extend our endeavors in digital asset market intelligence, and continue to provide you with the highest quality data and insights.

Over the coming months, we will merge our teams and product lines to create one platform that combines the entire user journey - from market intelligence over portfolio management to compliance with a unique user experience not seen in any other tools in the market.

While portfolio tracking stays free for all users for unlimited transactions, the integration will eventually allow Glassnode Studio users to create a personalized view of the market with respect to their own specific investment strategies and portfolio holdings.

The first step is already done. As of now, everyone can access both platforms using the same login, making it easier to jump seamlessly between products. You can also get free access to valuable features such as portfolio tracking and tax reporting, including our unique Trading Tax Optimizer that helps preserve capital and minimize potential losses during the current crypto bear market.

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About Glassnode

Glassnode is the industry's leading blockchain data and intelligence platform. We equip investors with the most comprehensive library of on-chain and financial metrics to help them make better investment and trading decisions.

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About Accointing

Accointing is a crypto portfolio tracking and crypto tax report generation software. We make it easier to track your crypto net worth and streamline the creation of crypto tax reports that abide by country-specific legislation.

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