Bitcoin Market Health

Despite passing the $10k mark again this week, the price of BTC has dropped since last week. Since the table below was published (Wednesday 19 February), bitcoin suffered a rapid price drop late on Wednesday evening, levelling out at ~$9500-9600 on Thursday morning and remaining there throughout the day.

Have we reached a local top for the time being, or will BTC rally once again in the coming days? Looking at on-chain fundamentals, Bitcoin network activity this week has suffered stagnation and some meaningful decreases.

Particularly interesting is the 16% drop in entity-adjusted transaction volume since last week. Entity-adjusted metrics filter out transactions in which BTC doesn't change hands, providing a clearer signal of actual economic activity.

The sharp decrease in this metric over the past week suggests that, at least on-chain, economic activity may be slowing down.

How do these fundamentals stack up against other on-chain metrics?

The number of unique active entities in the Bitcoin network has been on the rise in 2020, for the first time since the price peak in mid-2019. This is a potential sign that Bitcoin market participants are returning to the network, with more participants actively transferring BTC on-chain.

However, despite the general up-trend in this metric, the past week has seen a decrease in active entities on-chain. Observed in the context of BTC’s rapid 6% price dip late on Wednesday, as well as the overall decrease in on-chain activity over the past week (as seen in the statistics above), this may trigger some concern.

That said, we saw a similar pattern in late January (a drop in active entities and price) before these both quickly recovered into an upward trajectory.

Could this decrease in on-chain activity signify that we have reached a local top? Or is this just a brief dip, and will activity recover and continue to increase? Market observers should continue monitoring active entities and addresses to see if the general trend continues up.

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