Glassnode Product Launch: The Future of Finance is On-Chain

Glassnode, the most comprehensive on-chain market intelligence platform, is launching a suite of products to make blockchain data accessible.

Glassnode Product Launch: The Future of Finance is On-Chain

At Glassnode, we believe decentralised technologies are changing the fundamentals of finance, and that this impact can be most effectively captured by analysing on-chain data.

Now, after 10 months in development, we are excited to announce the launch of several products that will bring this data to all digital asset stakeholders.

Product Releases

Glassnode API

Through the Glassnode API, investors and traders can now access the data they need to effectively analyse cryptoassets and markets. Our easy-to-implement REST API offers a single and standardised entry-point to a growing set of advanced on-chain metrics across a range of popular assets and blockchains.

In order to ensure data quality, all our metrics undergo a rigorous QA procedure by our in-house data team before being deployed to production. Our API is backed by a highly scalable and robust infrastructure, incorporating best practices in distributed systems architecture to fulfil our commitment to reliability and uptime.

Visit our website to learn more and get early access to the Glassnode API.

Glassnode Studio

We have revamped our on-chain explorer as Glassnode Studio, a live explorer with visualisations of the most fundamental on-chain metrics.

With Studio, anyone can access and visualise the most interesting on-chain metrics across a range of blockchains, as well as accessing the latest on-chain activity relating to exchanges, which provide interesting signals about the market at large.

Visit the Glassnode Studio to explore our growing range of on-chain metrics and access the fundamental insights you need to invest confidently in digital asset markets.

Glassnode Insights

Finally, we have also launched Glassnode Insights, a publishing platform for the latest market insights drawn from on-chain data. The platform will feature a range of content including in-depth reports, editorials, and featured asset deep-dives, such as our analysis of Basic Attention Token (BAT).

Alongside these insights, we will also be regularly announcing new metrics and features being added to our product suite.

Glassnode Insights will also host Glassnotes, our brand new newsletter which will include updates on the state of the market, industry highlights, and analyses of the most recent on-chain events.

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